Diagnosis and consultation

Consultation is the best time to present your problem to the dentist. After the meeting, the dentist performs an oral examination. To set up a treatment plan, you need x-rays not older than 6 months, or if you need specialists from other areas to consult.
Different x-rays are required for the diagnosis, the treatment plan, or patient status to monitor the tooth or tooth. Surveying, panoramic X-ray, 3D-CT – this is just a few of the special shots we make in our own lab.

Dental hygiene

The well-groomed look is now unimaginable without a well-groomed denture. However, regular brushing and the use of different dental products at home are not necessarily enough to keep your smile beautiful.

Conservative dentistry

This term covers treatments designed to retain their own teeth. Mostly, we refer to root treatments, which often save the tooth with fog bleeding from the removal to serve the owner for even long or long years.

Oral surgery

The most common outpatient surgical interventions are wisdom tooth removal, implantation, root peak resection, bone replacement surgery. Experienced dentists, high-tech operating and advanced digital technology are available to our patients.

Prosthetics / Dentures

The replacement of missing teeth or teeth is now done with demanding materials and techniques that make it almost impossible to distinguish a crowned tooth or a dental bridge from your teeth. Finally you can smell boldly!


The implant is an artificial root implanted in the gum that keeps the prosthesis so stable as if it were ours. For the sake of success, only dentists perform implantation and digital ultrasound technology helps the work of specialists.

Same day implant!