Dental hygiene treatments

Dental hygiene means those treatments, which targeted to preserve the condition of the teeth and the tooth supporting structure. In many cases, serious diseases can be prevented due to dental hygiene treatments.

In this subject, in the first hand, we usually speak about the removing of the plaque, dental whitening, and other dental cosmetic procedures.

In our clinic over the actual dental hygiene treatments, involves a full-scale consultation about the proper mouth and teeth care. We inform you about the critical areas, the most effective ways of cleaning them, and explain you all the way and tools which required keeping your mouth clean professionally (dental floss, interdental picks, electric toothbrush, oral irrigator, plaque disclosing tablets).

Regular – at least once per half a year – dental check is very important, to prevent serious problems. A substantial tooth cleaning and removing of the plaque is a crucial part of the dental hygiene to preserve the condition of the oral cavity.

Plaque is formatting in any kind of teeth. Many patients think that, if he gets Porcelain Bridge, will exempt them to get “plaque”, but it is not true.

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Our prices
Tooth whitening prices
At dental clinic(BrilliantSmile)   110.000 ft
At dental clinic(Opalescence)   40.000 ft
Home   25.000 ft
ultrasonic needle removal prices
full mouth   18.000 ft
salt polishing   6.000 ft
You can pay a bank card at our dentist’s surgery visa/mastercard