Diagnostic and consultation

As a dental clinic, we have several diagnostic solutions to make a holistic status survey. For the first monitoring, we offer a free in-depth oral cavity check all the time. To unfold all the hidden issues the dental X-ray gives us helping hand. After all the previous procedures, we make your own personalized treating plan, where we offer you different solutions for solving your dental problems.

The Dental X-ray is an indispensable diagnostic device. Crucial when it comes to unfolding those hidden places, where no clinical inspection can help the dentist.

For example:
          teeth decaying, when the affected faces facing each other
          decaying under the old fillings (named: secunder caries)
          deep inflammatory reaction due to gingival disease
          intersigmoid recess due to bone atrophy
          chronic inflammation near the top of the root due to a not perfect root canal
          vesicle in the oral cavity

Making a treating plan

After the check of the oral cavity, the diagnostic, and the X-ray films had been analyzed, we make your own free treating plan. We discuss the results with you in all cases and liaise the treating alternatives. Our goal is to fulfill your dental expectations even functionally as an aesthetic viewpoint. As the part of the treating plan, we in-depth discuss with you the recommended steps of the intervention and also the timing and the cost of it. After we agreed in all the upcoming questions, the actual treatment can start.

Make an appointment, and visit us opposite the Corvin Cinema, in the 8 the district newest dental center. In the TG Dental, you get the smile that you deserve.

Dental Diagnostics Prices
intraoral X-ray   3.000 ft
panoramic X-ray   5.000 ft
CT diagnostic   15.000 ft
Consultancy prices
consultation and health check   6.000 ft
You may also pay by bank card at our dentist’s surgery visa/mastercard