Implantology is the most modern way of replacement lost tooth which hurt the remaining denture the least and has a great long-term benefit. This scientifically established, clinically proven method using “artificial roots” or dental implants and special crones by replacing the old tooth by implanting the custom made ones. The purpose of the implantation is to fully recover the original denture leaving with a fully functioning and aesthetic outcome. Some people know implant as tooth replantation, but there is nothing in implantation real teeth.

During the process, we implant a screw made by titanium to the jaw then we make for these anatomically similar teeth, which fully reflect the originally lost teeth. These implants look very similar than the original ones, the final result is most likely unperceivable. The structure can be a wrapping krone, a bridge or even more a distinct tabular implant too.

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treatment prices
implant implantation with superstructure with crown of metal ceramics per tooth   320.000 ft
implant implantation with superstructure with cirkonium crown per tooth 350.000 ft
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