Preservative dental treatments

This field of the dentistry dealing with the saving of the healthy tooth and repairing of the damaged ones. In practice, it goes from the smallest decay to the root canal treatment.
One of the most intensive and intolerable is the pain coming from the tooth and the periodontal fiber nerves excitation. It goes from a weak mordant discomfort to a beyond endurance grinding pain.

In the case of plaque, stimulation of the pulp can cause pain. Then with the increase of the damaged area, the pulp can also get hurt and inflammation can spread to the periodontal fiber.

A healthy looking tooth can also be sensitive if it meets with heat or chemicals (sweet food). Once the outer layer of enamel is damaged, sugary foods, hot or cold beverages, or other irritants have easier access to the nerve center of your tooth, which can cause sharp pain. The solution in these cases is the restoration of the tooth’s surface.

In order to keep the intact tooth (if they plaque a bit or just meanly) we advise aesthetic fillings, which colors are matching with the original ones, gets hardened by light and chargeable immediately.
The inlay/onlay tooth replacement is made after a sample. IT can be made from plastic, ceramics or from precious metals. After the sample is made, we stabilize it with special glue for you. Its biggest advantage is that it can be made in any shade of the actual color and excessively well fitting into its place. The lifetime of these dentures are way longer than the ordinary fillings and it is highly recommended for substitution of amalgam fillings.

In case of root canal treatment, the pulp itself is being removed with local dental anesthesia.
The root canal treated tooth is become fixed with a tap, that makes it almost fully functioning.

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aesthetic filling prices
temporary filling   9.000 ft
one-sided filling   18.000 ft
two-sided filling   20.000 ft
three-sided filling   25.000 ft
root treatment prices
single-channel tooth   12.000 ft
two-channel tooth   14.000 ft
three-channel tooth   16.000 ft
root filling prices
single-channel tooth   8.000 ft
two-channel tooth   12.000 ft
three-channel tooth   14.000 ft
more prices
medicated temporary filling   10.000 ft
Mechanical root canal expansion   10.000 ft
removal of old root seals per channel   10.000 ft
root canal rinsing   10.000 ft
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