Prosthetics / Dentures

The teeth itself has several tasks. The most important of them is the chewing, but there is some other also like speech sound molding and shaping the harmony of the face. Replacement of the missing tooth is very important, even if just one got removed. Prosthetics task is not just only replacing the missing tooth, but also managing the upcoming functioning and aesthetic problems as much as prevent the future mutations. Due to the tooth loss, the dental harmony becomes demolished. Missing tooth within the dentures usually leads to excursion and wandering of the tooth that also can cause future problems.

If you lose one of your teeth get in contact with us as soon as possible, to impart you in a proper provision.

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treatment prices
crown of metal ceramics   70.000 ft
cirkonium crown   90.000 ft
composite inlay, onlay   60.000 ft
porcelain shell   90.000 ft
Temporary crown made in surgery   10.000 ft
Temporary technic crown   10.000 ft
fiber optic spigot   20.000 ft
remove crown bridge per member   5.000 ft
dental prosthesis   25.000 ft
denture repair   12.000 ft-tól
bite lift rails   30.000 ft
full lower / upper dentures per jaw   150.000 ft
Crown, retraction of bridge in case of foreign work:   10.000 ft
Emax Crown:   90.000 ft
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