Operative Dentistry

Some of the well-known Operative dentistry procedures are removing the wisdom tooth, alienating dental roots or caring mandible inflammation diseases. Usually, we suggest operative dentistry when serious mutations manifest themselves- because these interventions require surgery exactitude.

Removing teeth is not all the time as simple as we can execute it with a plier. Sometimes it complexity requires dental surgery. Notably, when the tooth is being covered by the palate or by the bone. The most common dental surgery cases are the removing of the wisdom tooth when it can not get out without some sort of surgery exactitude. In that case, dental surgery is unavoidable, because it can lead to serious long-time problems.

It used to happen, that the krone part of the teeth is missing. That can happen if some accident happened with it, or it becomes the victim of an extended cavity. In this case, we have to choose dental surgery while removing the tooth, to make it safe for the patient.

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treatment prices
simple tooth removal   16.000 ft
dentistry tooth extraction   25.000 ft
wisdom tooth removal surgically   40.000 ft
root peak resection   25.000 ft
alveolitis treatment   10.000 ft
pericoronitis (treatment of inflammation of wisdom)   10.000 ft
incisio   10.000 ft
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