The clinic

Who are we?


Dr. Tarcsa Gábor

Dentist, Leader of the Clinic

In 2012 I successfully graduated at University of Debrecen Faculty of Dentistry. After graduating, I started to work in Germany in several private praxises.

Luckily I had a chance to work in Dr. Ralf Masur Implant Centrum, where I broadened my knowledge about implantology and surgical operations. I attended many extension courses while I stayed in Germany.

Moreover, I gained more international experience, while I worked in Dubai where I got enrolled in aesthetic dental solutions.

Dr. Varmuzsa Márton

Oral surgeon resident

Haász Hanna Luca

Dental hygienist

In 2021 I made a professional examination in dental assistant than a clinical dental hygienist qualification. I worked in a state and also in a private clinic, that’s why I carry many years of experience in odontology and in dental treatment. I am trying to achieve to make each operation be pleasant with my smiling and susceptible personality.

In all aspects of life, I think favorable appearance is very important. Well-Groomed teeth are also part of this presentation. Besides removing plaque and dental whitening, I find it important to give personal dental guidance for each patient, to help them preserve their teeth excellent condition and to leave us with a great smile on their face.

Sajtos Kitti

Administrative co-worker

As a receptionist, I think it is very important how you communicate with the patients and hows is the first impression going to look like. The patient first comes in contact with us, stepping in the clinic first meets us and leaving the building say goodbye to us with a smile on its face.