Diagnosis and consultation
Dental Diagnostics Prices
intraoral X-ray   3.000 ft
panoramic X-ray   5.000 ft
CT diagnostic   15.000 ft
Consultancy prices
consultation and health check   6.000 ft
Dental Hygiene
Tooth whitening prices
At dental clinic (BrilliantSmile)   80.000 ft
ultrasonic needle removal prices
full mouth   22.000 ft
salt polishing   10.000 ft
Conservative dentistry
aesthetic filling prices
one-sided filling   22.000 ft
two-sided filling   26.000 ft
three-sided filling   30.000 ft
root treatment prices
single-channel tooth   25.000 ft
two-channel tooth   28.000 ft
three-channel tooth   30.000 ft
root filling prices
single-channel tooth   30.000 ft
two-channel tooth   35.000 ft
three-channel tooth   40.000 ft
more prices
medicated temporary filling   10.000 ft
cover filling   20.000 ft
Mechanical root canal expansion   10.000 ft
removal of old root seals per channel   15.000 ft
root canal rinsing   10.000 ft
change of medication in tooth under treatment   5.000 ft
consultation   20.000 ft
dental impressions   20.000 ft
control   15.000 ft
metal fixed device / jawbone   from 180.000 ft
porcelain fixed device / jawbone   from 230.000 ft
removable device / dental arch   100.000 ft
palatal arch, lingual arch   50.000 ft
device activation occasionally   20.000 ft
treatment prices
Parodontal cornea/tooth   10.000 ft
closed curb for full lower upper denture   50.000 ft
kauter/tooth   10.000 ft

Oral surgery
treatment prices
simple tooth removal   25.000 ft
dentistry tooth extraction   30.000 ft
wisdom tooth removal surgically   50.000 ft
root peak resection   50.000 ft
alveolitis treatment   10.000 ft
pericoronitis (treatment of inflammation of wisdom)   10.000 ft
incisio   10.000 ft
sinus closure   20.000 ft
oral surgical root removal   30.000 ft
treatment prices
crown of metal ceramics   80.000 ft
cirkonium crown   110.000 ft
composite inlay, onlay   60.000 ft
porcelain shell   90.000 ft
pressed ceramic insert   90.000 ft
direct shell   90.000 ft/tooth
Temporary crown made in surgery   10.000 ft
Temporary technic crown   10.000 ft
fiber optic spigot   25.000 ft
remove crown bridge per member   10.000 ft
dental prosthesis   25.000 ft
denture repair   15.000 ft-tól
bite lift rails   30.000 ft
full lower / upper dentures per jaw   200.000 ft
Crown, retraction of bridge in case of foreign work:   10.000 ft
Emax Crown:   90.000 ft
treatment prices
implant implantation with superstructure with crown of metal ceramics per tooth  320.000 ft
implant implantation with superstructure with cirkonium crown per tooth 350.000 ft
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